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Series 4 - Focus Groups: How to handle tricky situations (21 Jan 10)

The big freeze: what to do when the group decides not to talk to you

Occasionally you may encounter a group which seems to have decided, en masse, not to talk to you.

Not just the odd quiet person, not just a couple who have nothing to say - but the whole group, quite deliberately it seems, refusing to participate.

This happens more often with groups of teenagers and adolescents, less frequently (thankfully) with gr…

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Comment by Glen Tower Hamlets Partnership 26 Jan 10 at 15:55:30

Don't forget the 5 p's: Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance. Really think through your session and your group - if it's young people then make sure the session is as interactive and itneresting as possible, and uses appropriate language and viewpoints.

And things like this can often be changed from the very second people walk through the door - if you are welcoming and friendly participants are more likely to reciprocate.

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