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Why some young people might find it difficult to get involved in your projects and what you can do about it (In house course)

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and Conduct Disorder (CD) Two conditions that community workers usually know little about but should know a lot more (08 Feb 2016)


What it feels like being in debt some personal thoughts

Being in debt is just horrible and its a deep, dark, miserable hole to get out of once you are in it. (03 Feb 2016)


How to encourage people to express things in their own words

7 tips for asking questions in group sessions (30 Jan 2016)


The big freeze: what to do when the group decides not to talk to you

How to handle tricky situations in community meetings (20 Jan 2016)


After poisonous snakes, the thing people fear most is statistics

No matter how good your efforts, they will count for nothing unless you can genuinely understand and explain why things are the way they are (18 Jan 2016)


The quiet ones: simple ways to ensure they contribute, too

How to handle tricky situations in public meetings (14 Jan 2016)


Community meetings: how to handle tricky situations

The loudmouth problem: how to stop dominant people ruining your efforts (12 Jan 2016)


When marketing is a matter of life and death

Many older people simply dont know what products and services are available to help them. This means you have a tough marketing job on your hands. Here are 10 things to think about (04 Jan 2016)


How to write a letter to get a job

Most people never write a more important letter than this (02 Jan 2016)

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Beverley Woodhead,
Head of Communications and Marketing,
Wrekin Housing Trust
Why mobile phones and Twitter go hand in hand
Hugh Flouch,
Harringay Online
Are you Ninging yet?
Glen Ocsko,
Participation and Engagement Officer, London Borough of Tower Hamlets
MORE thoughts (and solutions) from delegates on social networking
Previous winners are:
Jonathon Toy,
Head of Community Safety/Enforcement,
London Borough of Southwark
Caroline Paul,
Pentland Housing Association
What a difference a day makes! See what Caroline did after spending a day with us before and after
Andrew Ballingall,
Corporate Research Team,
Fife Council.
Two research reports on a very difficult and under researched topic East and Central European migrant workers
 Tracy Reid,
Community Development Officer,
Wandle Housing Association.
All you have to do is tell me your problems and Ill try to help
John Gaddes,
Research Officer,
Northumberland County Council.
What consultants should do with all the information you have paid them to collect and how to measure how good a job they have done
Sue Tunnicliff,
Programme Administrator,
Bedfordshire Heartlands Primary Care Trust.
Do you ever wake up in the middle of the night saying, Am I wasting my time? Does my work ever achieve anything?

Andy Cave,
Community Initiatives Officer,
Helena Housing.
Here are some surprising new places to get your message across to residents

Tim Williams,
Corporate Research and Consultation Officer,
Selby District Council.
10 ways to make sure inputting data happens properly (Boring but VERY important)

Kate Arnold,
Communications Manager,
EC1 New Deal for Communities.
How to give your newsletter (or leaflet) a winning personal touch - and why it needs it
Rachel Bennett,
Community Development Officer,
Windsor Housing.
Heres a surprise! Hairdressers and beauticians are often perfectly suited for work in the community

Jaimin Patel,
Language Shop,
London Borough of Newham
How one organisation uses the Internet to communicate better with non English speakers
Ellie Mortimer,
Community Events and Consultation Coordinator,
Trees for Cities.
How a colourful little leaflet overcame apathy and got over 200 residents to attend an event
Tom Bonner,
Community Development Worker,
Project Sunlight.
Has a training course ever put you to sleep? This one was an inspiration. It lead to success, funding - and publicity
Bernadette Speakman,
PALS Manager,
Blackpool, Fylde and Wyre Hospitals.
Ingenious (and money-saving) way to talk to non-English speakers
Julie Lawrence,
Assistant Neighbourhood Manager,
Bolton Metropolitan Council.
How a simple approach in Great Lever, Bolton, brings huge, measurable benefits to residents