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Knowledge, tools and techniques that show you exactly how to:
Inspire and sustain genuine, long term community involvement
Undertake sound research and evaluation - and act on it
Create communications that get results
Meet the needs of diverse communities
Build safer communities

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Join the thousands of others who get free practical know-how, case studies and information about our courses from us:

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Resident involvement
Community involvement
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Equality and diversity
Community safety
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151 training courses to help you succeed

Suppose you have to create and evaluate a new community initiative, or find new ways to interest that community.

Or you might have to conduct a focus group or survey to research your residents’ or service users' views.

Perhaps you’re charged with involving a hard to reach group, or producing copy for a leaflet that communicates with all communities.

Whatever the task, we have the course and the trainer to help you.

Our courses are unique. You meet people from all sectors and levels, because joined-up thinking calls for joined-up training. You may sit next to anyone – from a chief executive or a community development worker - in anything from housing to health. You share ideas, views and experiences.

Joined up thinking requires joined up websites. Our website gives the same benefits as our training courses – an opportunity to learn – and exchange ideas with your colleagues throughout the UK and Australia. That’s why we have a free e-mail service of information, hints, tips, case studies and interviews called Rod’s Reflections.

Thousands of people working in public services and communities have attended our courses and have signed up to receive our articles.

People from many fields:

- all testify to the benefits of our training and free information

I hope something catches your eye

Rod's Reflections - latest

Tap into eight years worth of knowledge and ideas

10 marketing tips for consulting with the community

Genuine community involvement starts with effective communication - and that starts with good marketing

Measuring the impact of lots of small projects at the same time: one of your trickiest problems solved

Here’s an ingenious but highly simple technique to help you map the outcomes for a number of projects

How to design and run community training that works

You may know what you want to achieve – and how. But your residents are the determining factor

10 top tips for developing effective estate agreements

These simple, easy ways to make everyone happier are grossly underused. Why?

When marketing to older people is a matter of life and death

Many older people simply don’t know what products and services are available to help them. This means you have a tough marketing job on your hands. Here are 10 things to think about

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What some recent delegates had to say...

"A number of new ideas (too many to mention) and confirmation of how other people work and how they should work. Very useful to meet others in the same field."
Dr Iain Inglis, Senior Research Officer, Glasgow City Council

"Very eye opening and informative of what is available to help me do my work… truly very good."
Paul Argyle, Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service

"Clearer idea on how to manage the process and in the appropriate environment."
John Hughes-Jones, Consultation and Partnership Officer, North Wales Police

"Saw how much work is involved.
Made me think more about why we want to use item
One of the most relevant & useful courses I have attended in a long time."

Tola Adesemowo, Housing Manager (Inspection), Mosscare Housing Association

"Very useful course. Very practical, something that I can take back and use immediately."
Karlene Akindale, Manager - Grants Programme, London Borough of Haringey

"Great hints and tips!"
Katherine Shenton, Assistant Comm- unications and Events Officer, North East Ambulance Service

"Full of useful ideas. I've left with plenty to think about - the work starts here!  It was a great course to 'brush up' on skills and remind myself of project planning and how to apply them.  I really enjoyed the day."
Jon Thurlow, Tenant Involvement Officer, Howard Cottage Housing Association

"Many highly practical ideas for comm-unicating with our non-English speaking residents. I would highly recommend it."
Robert Isaac, Diversity Project Manager, Family Housing  Association

"Not what I expected – much better! Michael made more sense of qualitative inquiry in one day than weeks of study at university ever did."
John May, Community Consultation Co-ordinator, Metropolitan Police Authority

"Very friendly and personal course – thoroughly enjoyed!"
Jayshree Taank, Senior Community Recycling Officer, London Borough of Hounslow

“Good linkage by tutor to things that have happened in real situations. Very good tutor + very patient.”
Sarah Jane Ward, Consultation and Research Assistant, Hampshire Constabulary