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The use of program logic in measuring the impact of training (11 Feb 10)

Here’s an ingenious but highly simple technique to help you understand the impact of your training

That end of training course ‘happy sheet’ or feedback form provides important information about participants’ satisfaction and enjoyment of the event.

Research has (hardly surprisingly) shown that people are more likely to apply their new knowledge if they were satisfied with the session.

But anyone evaluating training also wants to know what difference it made to how people perform in their jobs, and ultimately the impact of the training on the community or customers their organization serves.

There is a variety of approaches and models for doing this. One thing many have in common is that they assess not just the benefits of the training, but how the programme achieved those benefits.

It is one thing to know that something changed in terms of behaviour on the job, but another thing to know how the training led to that change. Put simply, we need to know the how as well as the what, particularly if we are interested in running effective programmes on other sites.

One such useful technique is logic modelling. This simple mapping tool can assist in tracing the links between the training need, the resources you invest in training, the activities undertaken within the programme, who is reached, and the short, intermediate and longer term outcomes.

Here is an example of a logic model:

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