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Secrets of headlines that make people want to read your social media posts (04 Mar 18)

- and other tricks that help you get your message across

You may not think of your blogs and tweets as advertisements, but you are usually trying to get people to do something, so they are very similar.

Twitter is really a series of headlines and blogs will die a death if you don’t spend more time on your headline than on anything else.

In fact the same principle applies to all communications. If you don’t start with something that grabs people, you’re in trouble.

Any heading that has something human in it is likely to work better. People love stories, too. So a headline that has story appeal tends to work. They like surprising or puzzling headlines. And they tend to like things that promise a benefit of some kind.

Good headlines used to be called “stoppers”. But they must not only stop - they must start, too –make people ask “I wonder what that’s about?” Take a look at any successful magazine or newspaper and see what headlines they run on the front page.
Brad and Angelina: at breaking point over ‘other man’
Building 3m new homes will not end crisis, adviser warns minister
WICKED WHISPERS: Why we all love gossip (even when it’s not true)
The most beautiful city in Southern Italy
Change your life - do nothing, says Bishop
Montenegro – the Mediterranean’s undiscovered coastline
Most 18-24 year olds would rather give up sex than their mobile phones

And a final point to bear in mind when writing headlines – and indeed, good copy – is the same as the key to success in conversation. Don’t be a bore. Don’t talk about yourself unless you have something really interesting to say.
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