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Project Charter:

Recycle, Renew Community Gathering

Brief Summary

This project will design and run a four hour event that will educate residents about recycling and other “green” sustainable practices.

Project Goal(s)

Relationship to Long-Term Community Vision

The neighborhood association seeks to increase recycling as well as other “green” practices to promote sustainable city living. This event will contribute to that long-term vision.

Activity Objectives


Project Planning:  3 March through 13 June

Event:  14 June

Follow Up and Close Out:  14 June through 30 June

Cost Objectives

Project costs cannot exceed grant amount of £2,500

Key Stakeholders

Project Leader:  Stephen Fischer, Community Organiser

Partnering Organizations:  Richfield Neighborhood Association; Hodding Ridge Tenants Association; Marble Heights Properties

Other Stakeholders: Landlord, Police and Grandin Recycling Consortium

Major Roles and Responsibilities

Project Leader: Overall management of project; co-ordination on day of event

All Four Partnering Organisations:  Will appoint staff who will recruit exhibitors and lecturers and staff who will arrange food and entertainment.

Richfield Neighborhood Association:  Control of budget.

Quality Standards


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