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How do you post a video on YouTube that doesn’t bore the pants off residents? Follow these simple rules – starting with WIIFM (22 Oct 10)

YouTube will soon overtake Google as the place to go and find things out - so you really should find out what works

We recently ran a workshop on how tenant involvement officers can use social networking sites to communicate with their residents.

To help prepare, we did an Internet search to see what people are doing.

There are four very simple things to remember – but first check out these videos quickly.

Ashford Borough Tenants Forum

Regenda Housing Association

Thurrock Council

PCHA Resident involvement film

Coast and Country

Blyth Valley Housing Resident Involvement

City Homes North

Here are the four things that matter.

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Comment by Glen Tower Hamlets Partnership — 25 Sep 09 at 13:46:48

Good advice as always, personally I'm tired of seeing professional videos which are from an organisation's point of view and full of jargon. The best adverts are short, sharp and memorable - our videos should be too!

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