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How to write a letter to get a job (19 Aug 09)

Most of us never write a more important letter - and now its even more vital

I bet you can relate to this.

My 19 year old daughter Ally is at a dreadful stage in her life. Shes trying to get a job, which means she has to write letters.

Admittedly its only for a summer job while at university, but its still pretty important. But since she is young with hardly any experience of this part of life, shes at sixes and sevens on how to go about it.…

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Comment by Anne Local authority 20 Aug 09 at 10:14:02


I couldn't agree more about the points you raise - especially 'doing the research' and offering to work on a trail 'no pay' basis.

It is such a competitive market place for job seekers and as I work in HR and see the standard of applications (we don't take CVs!!) and covering letters I am really not surprised so many young people fail to get interviews - exactly as you point out - they don't seem to know what is required and think it is enough just to give a few facts about themselves!! When you are sifting through 30 or more applications to short list to 4 or 5 to interview - you will obviously take the ones who have taken time to look at the Job Description, Person Specification and really match their skills and experiences to what is required and more - say something positive about your company and why they want to work for you!! Enthusiasm and a bit of their personality has to come through.

As you describe it - it is about selling yourself!!




Comment by Beverey Ascham Homes Ltd 24 Aug 09 at 09:55:34


You were perfectly right! I am looking for a job, I still find it hard to sell myself. I did when I was going through unversity and nothing has changed.

My daughter is going through the same problem, and she has had no luck. She is still looking for work to fit around her studies and we are hoping for the best.

I like the appraoch you have suggested as it certainly gave it more personality.

Thanks, I will certainly use this.


Comment by Matthew Local Government 24 Aug 09 at 11:44:09

Hi Roy,

Thank you for your suggestions and advice. I've asked my son to use it and we are waiting to see if works. I've also asked some colleagues to try it in their applications. Nothing to lose. It is tough out there now to get a job especially with the state of the economy. To hedge ahead of others you must sell yourself better that others in your self-presentation.

Thanks again.

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