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Ten tips for raising sponsorship and exhibition monies for your event (03 Feb 09)

Thereís still tons of money out there, even with the recession. You just have to think through how someone else might be able to benefit from your event

  1. Start by working out who your best prospects are to approach for money. Think of the audiences you are delivering and who else might want to sell to them.
  2. Choose more recession-proof prospects like government agencies, European Commission, The Lottery, as well as multi-nationals which are not hurting so much.
  3. Remember that raising big money takes a long time, sometimes as long as a year because your deal needs to go into their next yearís budget.
  4. Raising small money like £500 to £1,000 should only take a few months or less because sponsors are likely to be drawing on their current marketing or PR budget. The bad news is that it is still small money.
  5. When you are selling, think of ways to raise your prospectís profile at your event. Things that donít cost you much such as extra tickets for the companyís top brass to visit are always a good idea. You can give them their own lunch table so they can invite their sales leads and contacts to share lunch with them.
  6. Remember that you can only sell the main sponsorship of your event to one or two organisations. These organisations need to be a good match in importance and size and mustnít have competing products and services. And bear in mind that big organisations donít like to mix with

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