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How to write a letter to get a job Ė even if they have already turned you down once (22 Jun 16)

Whatever the business, the principles are the same

I wrote to you last week about how to go about writing a letter to get a job.

You may remember that I used my daughterís application for a summer job as an example of how not to go about it.

(She hasnít spoken to me since. Just kidding!)

Well, I had so many responses and comments that I went one better and wrote something my daughter Ally, and other young people I hope, can use. You may recall that I thought the covering letter was her weakest spot of her application.

This one is a pretty good case because we are now writing to people who have already said no.

Donít be put off by the fact that itís a letter to a posh jewellery shop in London. Nor should you be put off because itís an application by a university student. It really doesnít matter two hoots if you or the person you are passing this onto isnít a student.

In fact this letter could be adapted to any job, from a Saturday night job at a local restaurant to applying for that first full time job.

Hereís what really matters when you write to get an interview:

This is my attempt, so please let me know if you think I donít measure up!


Dear Mr Jones,

My last letter asking to work for you this summer failed dismally Ė because it was awful, to be honest.

So Iím trying again - and if you think persistence is a virtue in retailing, I hope you will change your mind.

Would you like someone so keen to work for you that Iíll gladly work for nothing while you see what I can do?

It would be a dream come true if I could now work for you.

Why am I so keen? I have always thought X is the best jewellers in the world. And I have always been utterly fascinated by your jewellery, whether itís your diamond rings, necklaces and pendants, bracelets, cocktail watches or menís cufflinks. And I have a personal reason I will mention in a moment.

But what can I do for you, despite my inexperience? Well, I can:

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