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A few silly questions to ask about your newsletter – with a few answers you might like to think about (10 Jan 08)

I have no figures to prove it, but I bet the newsletter is the most common form of communication in the public sector

From many years’ observation I am pretty certain it gets the greatest investment in time and money. Yet oddly enough, here as so often, I suspect we are so busy doing what we are doing that we never stop to ask some pretty simple questions.

And what could be simpler than asking what is a newsletter? It’s so simple it may seem stupid, but please bear with me if - even more simply - I divide the word into two.

Now at this point, let me say that if you are 100% happy with your newsletter, read no further. But if you think it could be better, please keep reading.

Clearly, your newsletter delivers – or should deliver - news in the form of a letter.

Well as I write this I am looking at a selection of newsletters from all over the country and asking myself some more simple questions.

  1. How many look like letters?
  2. And if they are supposed to be letters, what sort of character should they have? How should they read?
  3. What sort of news should they contain?

The answer to the first question is, again, simple. Hardly any of them look like letters. Most of them look a sort of mini-magazine or a leaflet that got a bit too big for its boots. Quite a few look quite expensive little productions

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