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27 tips for leading effective residents’ meetings (11 Aug 09)

Open meetings with tenants and residents can be pretty tricky. Partly that’s because there are so many things to bear in mind - starting with controlling your nerves!

Whether you like it or not, housing staff and tenant representatives at some point have to speak at - or even run - an open meeting.

That’s because at these meetings social landlords often have to account for their actions to those they serve.

• You must make sure everybody has a chance to have their say.  
• You have to stop individuals dom…

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Comment by tony Nehemiah UCHA — 11 Aug 09 at 16:47:42

My job entails faciliting residents meeting.My basic tips are:

1. Know your audience and like your audience.

2. Act, act and act.

3. keep it simple.

4. keep it short.

5. give case studies or storytelling.

6.have fun and smile.

7. Dont take it personal.


Comment by Brian Action Housing & Support — 21 Aug 09 at 15:39:05

First thing about getting residents involved with meetings is not to call them meetings.
The word meeting is a big barrier to involvement and recieving SUI - call it a coffee afternoon or have an activity and slowly introduce the conversation on what you want to involve them with until eventually they will be comfortable with the word.
keep the group frequently every 2 week goes well even if people do not turn up just stick with it and they will come eventually, we have to remember that service users have lots of appointments and sometimes get dates mixed up, once they know when you have your regular coffee afternoon they will come back.
Try to keep the date/day the same so then they do not have to remember when it is as they know it is every 2 week at such time.
once people meet for coffee etc they will naturally talk about things and then you have your agenda for the next time to continue your discussion.
I hope that helps how I started the groups.


Comment by Paul Petersfield Housing Association — 24 Aug 09 at 12:18:54

This is very important advice for something that on the face of it, should be simple but if you get it wrong, it could become a total waste of time and not instill any confidence in residents as to how your organization is ultimatley run.

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