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How to make your community newsletter a success (In house course)

A practical, idea packed course on how to produce successful newsletters

As you know, there are tricks to every trade. Producing a community newsletter is no exception - yet very few people really know those tricks.

Pretty surprising, when you consider that almost all organisations have newsletters or information sheets.

That’s why this intensive course is so valuable - and extremely popular. In one fast-moving day, you learn all the absolute essentials.

This day will save you time, effort and money and show you exactly how to acquire the dedicated readers you want. Never again will you be flummoxed when you face those blank pages.

The course leader Martin Rosser is a professional journalist who specialises in showing organisations how to get their message across.

You end the day with all you need to:

During the day you learn, by getting to know your readers, how you can target them better. You discover the power of interviewing so as to get others to contribute readable content quickly.

You’re taken through the different types of stories so you can sharpen your news-sense and write better headlines. You’re told how to develop a portfolio of content ideas to fill your newsletter. And you’re shown the art of ruthlessly editing text paragraphs so as to make them consistent yet elegant.

Finally you see why design matters and take away ten top design tips to improve your newsletter. The course is ideal if you are involved in any way in writing newsletters, whether you are a communications manager or community worker.

Delegates simply love our newsletter courses, as their comments show.

Your trainer

Martin RosserMartin Rosser has been a journalist and editor for 25 years, working on both business-to-business magazines and consumer titles. In that time he has amassed a wealth of techniques that can make newsletters a success. Over the past 10 years he has developed tried and tested methods for passing on these techniques to professionals and lay people responsible for newsletters.

What delegates say about this course and trainer

"An excellent course."
Rob, Governance and Compliance Officer, Argyll Community Housing Association

"Great suggestions and the ability to make the news more to the point."
Chris Hall, PA to the Chief Executive, Manor Estates Housing Association, Scotland

"I would recommend the course: the tutor was very knowledgeable, but best of all able to impart that knowledge easily and in an enjoyable way."
Jane Edmonds, Supported Housing Initiatives and Integration Manager, Knightstone Housing Association

"I thoroughly enjoyed the course you presented and learned quite a few tips."
Andrew Taylor, Senior Community Warden, Rivers (Hillock) Housing Association

"Tips and hints, basic design techniques and tricks of the trade. Excellent 'cutting' skills.... Very enjoyable and worth the money"
Rebecca Probert, Community Development Worker, Drum Housing Group

"Excellent - gave reasoning to why I have been putting my newsletter together the way I have until this course, I have learnt techniques that will enable me to produce a much more professional and hopefully successful newsletter. Excellent content and presentation, will be very useful."
Anita Dudley, Marketing Executive, Wrekin Housing Trust

What I picked up - and did - after this course

How exactly has this course helped people like you? Delegates wrote in to tell us - like Denise Hudson, Tenants Initiatives Officer for Gosport Borough Council:

"I most definitely have put some of the things that I learnt into practice and I also give a lot more thought to the layout and wording of my newsletters. I put captions under each photograph I use which I never used to do and I really try to consider 'catchy' headlines.

This course has not only helped with newsletters but also some of the flyers that I produce too. This was a most excellent course and it really changed the way I work.

Pauline Blyth from Warrin gton Borough Council wrote in and told us how the course helped her:

"Before I attended the course my experience of producing a newsletter was using a publisher template for the school PTA. Attending the course gave me the confidence to stand my ground when meeting with our graphics team who put my newsletter together.

The way we work: I produce the copy with help from others, edit it and send it to graphics for them to format it.

The course taught me how to edit the content successfully and when I receive a copy to proof I can look at it critically and confidently make amendments regarding layout, font, colour schemes etc.

We have now produced 4 newsletters. I am sure they can be improved on but having had no expereince before attending the course I am pleased with the outcome and have been praised by senior management. I have now been made author for our team for the intranet and the Warrington Social Care Partnership pages on the internet so am now looking to enhance my skills in writing for the web."

As did David Rogers, a Policy Officer from Wrexham County Borough Council:

"Since the course I have completely revamped the style of our newsletter. I have changed colours and text sizes and used catchy headlines to draw the readers attentions.

Important issues have been given prominence through using these different colours and headings text size and I use plain english whilst writing the articles. I try wherever possible to use pictures to assist in getting the message over.

Staff immediately noticed the changes and good comments were received about the new style and there have also been good comments from tenants."

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What delegates say about this course and trainer

"The day was interesting and flew by unlike other training courses."
Rachel Morrow, Public Relations Officer, Cleveland Fire Brigade

"Thoroughly enjoyed the day.  Venue and food excellent.  Would certainly look at training courses again with the Rod Laird Organisation."
Libby Nimmo, Community Health Support Worker, Building Healthy Communities, NHS Dumfries and Galloway

"I have come away from this training course feeling inspired and more confident.  I also feel I can tackle our newsletter with a more structured approach."
Caroline Paul, Finance and Corporate Manager, Pentland Housing Association

"I use the material from the course a lot - only last week I was quoting from the manual in a meeting about communications for parents about parenting."
Judy Leigh, Community Involvement Project Manager, Early Years and Sure Start, London Borough of Camden

"An excellent day that has really helped me understand the role of journalism as oppose to 'writing' I will definitely be writing with more intent"
Katherine Shenton, Assistant Communications and Events Officer, North East Ambulance Service

"Fantastic - really enjoyed it and have me time to think about how to improve my newsletter instead of just writing it.  Thanks."
Nicola Thorndyke, Internal Communications Officer, Norfolk Constabulary

"Speaker kept audience in good spirits and concentrated."
Paul Cooper, Policy and Performance Officer, Coventry City Council

"Really good and thought provoking.  Good practical tips from an expert."
Stephen Evans, Head of Tenant Housing, Taff Housing

Jayshree Taank"Very friendly and personal course – thoroughly enjoyed!"
Jayshree Taank, Senior Community Recycling Officer, London Borough of Hounslow

Gary Simpson"An extremely useful and interesting day. Martin kept the pace ‘brisk’ and did not let us have a chance to get bored.
I came along thinking I knew a lot of things but left learning a lot more.
Many thanks, Gary"
Gary Simpson, Principal Performance Officer, Gateshead Council

Nancie Price"Lots + lots of ideas – where to start!
Excellent course – best yet!"
Nancie Price, Marketing Officer, NDC North Huyton

"Good examples used to explain theory.  Very good enjoyable day - thank you!"
Sebur Sendur, Marketing Officer, Birmingham City Council


"I came away with lots of useful, relevant and practical tips which I will put into practice."
Rebecca Lacey, Senior Promotions Officer, Kent County Council

Denise Hudson"Excellent course.
Thank you very much."
Denise Hudson, Tenants Initiatives Officer, Gosport Borough Council